Leading giant Tech Mahindra announces a Rs 270 crore deal to transform Coal India


Tech Mahindra Limited, which is basically a leading provider of different digital transformations and consulting, announced that a 270 crore deal will be enabled so that they are able to transform the whole Coal India Limited.

The engagement of the service will be there for five years and it will basically aim to enterprise the modernization. The main objective behind setting up the whole integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system in Coal India and its subsidiaries is to make sure that all the state of art information is deployed in the technology system which is basically necessary for gathering information in real time and help the management with the collected data to make a decision to achieve the result which is desired.

The chairman of Coal India, Shri Anil Kumar Jha is very much passionate about this project and he firmly believes that Coal India will be able to make a real change with the support of Tech Mahindra in the coming years.

The ERP implementation will all be organized in the first half of the series and there are two subsidiaries to maintain it which are Mahanadi Coalfields Limited and the Western Coalfields Limited.

This deal will also be included in the implementation and the supply of the Hospital Management System, which is also known as HIMS which is spread across all the eight subsidiaries and which covers almost 21 Hospitals.

The President of Indian Business and Corporate Affairs of Tech Mahindra, Shri Sujit Baksi said that they are really excited because of the partnership with Tech Mahindra and they are really excited to find out the engagement they will be receiving because of the two companies merging together.

Tech Mahindra is right now more focused on the next generation technology to cater to all its customer base.


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