Google Assistant officially launches on Apple iOS devices through Siri shortcuts


The iOS platform has now made accessible for Google Assistance apps which will now be backed by all the Siri shortcuts so that the use of assistant on an iOS device is much more convenient for Apple users.

According to the app description, which was written on the Apple App Store, the support for Siri shortcuts was only made so that the whole process of using an assistance for Apple users becomes very much convenient.

Apple users will now be able to set up their shortcuts for Siri for all the phrases which they might use on a frequent basis. Users will be able to use custom voice commands and a single smart home action to trigger the Google Assistant smart home routine in the Siri functionality.

Just like simple commands, Apple users will now be able to run all the routine things like switching on the lights and switching off the lights just by simple voice commands.

With the help of the new application, Apple users will now be able to add a widget for an assistant on their iPhone which is a totally new feature. Users will be able to cross the stream and they will be able to use Siri as a connection between their phone and their Google Assistant. There will be new shortcut integration available on all the upcoming iOS updates which will help iOS to connect to Google assistant in a better manner.

Apple has always been focused on their own assistant which is Siri, but this is the first time that Apple has opened up their technology for a third party assistant so that the user experience of the Apple ecosystem becomes much better using Google Assistant.


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