Facebook all set to train over 5 million Indians in digital skills by 2021


The training program is launched by Facebook to help people learn how they can utilize the platform Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is now trying to help all the small businesses in India and that is the reason why they are planning to train about five million businessmen to use Facebook and Instagram to grow their sales numbers.

Facebook has now come up with an official statement where they will be training all the people for the betterment of the business. This will also help Facebook a lot because this will help Facebook grow its business in India.

There are almost ten programs that are going on, which will teach all the businessmen about how they can grow their audience and grow their business in the online world.

Facebook has already successfully trained more than 1 million people in about 150 cities and 48,000 villages. There are about 50 partners, who are helping Facebook to complete this operation. There will be an inaugural day of the whole Facebook Community Boost Program, which aims to help all the small businesses who want to expand their online presence.

The framework of the local partners and the state government is very much strong. This program will help in the development of the whole Ministry of Skill and Development and Entrepreneurship on digital training.

People will be able to learn more about these social media platforms and they will be able to run a partnership program. The government is really pleased about the whole work that Facebook is doing and this program will also help people to grow their business and earn more from growing their business in the whole social media platform.


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